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About Us

Blue Realty is a full-service Real Estate Management and Sales Company offering expertise in navigating the Detroit housing market and surrounding suburbs, specializing in the turn-around of distressed properties.  Blue Realty has rehabbed over 400 properties and we are the recipient of the Community Renaissance Award from Wayne County in recognition of exemplary rehabilitation of low-income properties.  Blue Realty’s success is rooted in its organizational structure of in-house maintenance and renovation crews for cost-effective repairs, improvements and property development and to assist owners and investors in lowering their overhead expenses.   Blue Realty recognizes that a single home or multi-family complex is part of a broader community and social structure and addresses those relationships in the management cycle and through the engagement of government and social agency networks and resources. 

  • Elliot Blumenkehl
    Elliot BlumenkehlChief Executive Officer
    Elliot  is a Real Estate Broker with experience in buying, selling, and managing residential and commercial properties.  His years of experience working with investors, contractors, tenants, and multiple banks and municipalities, make Elliot fluent in navigating the Michigan Real Estate Market.
  • Tirtza Amsel
    Tirtza AmselBookkeeper
    Tirtza is extremely knowledgeable when it come to keeping the books in order for all our real estate operations. She has years of experience dealing with investors, and her knowledge of real estate operations make the investment and management process that much easier.
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